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When participating in a clinical trial, the process depends on the type of research that is being conducted. The site staff for a clinical trial, which might include doctors, nurses, social workers and other specialized health care professionals, will check your health at the start of the clinical trial, provide specific instructions and guidance for what you will be doing during the trial, keep an eye on your health throughout the trial, and make sure that the study protocol is followed.

Depending on your condition, some clinical trials may involve more diagnostic tests and doctor visits than you might initially expect. These tests and visits will help the site staff to ensure that your health and safety are monitored carefully throughout the trial.

To determine if you meet all of the requirements for a clinical trial, a questionnaire and/or physical examination is usually conducted during the screening process. All of the information obtained during the screening process is kept confidential and secure. If you do qualify for the clinical trial, you will be contacted by the site staff to schedule any trial-related visits and discuss your participation with more details.

Your participation in a clinical trial is completely voluntary. Even if you decide to enroll in a trial, you are able to leave the trial at any time.

To learn more about clinical trials, please see our FAQ page.